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The Ultimate surveying drones for you, or is it?

The Ultimate surveying drones for you, or is it?

DSLR resolution in the air & more.

Ordinary consumers will think that a great camera is to have as many megapixels as possible. But is it actually true? 

In cinematography, a larger & better quality sensor is far more important than megapixel count. Most professional cinema cameras have only around 10 megapixel with a really advanced sensor. This is one of the main misconceptions of average consumers. 

But, do not get us wrong with the statement above. Having more megapixels will definitely give the pilot a lot more flexibility when it comes to zooming and crop out a specific portion of a picture.  

Having the highest quality sensor is a plus point for all land surveying companies. 

The image above is taken using DJI Zenmuse P1. Extremely clear photos taken from the sky with crystal clear footage and more than enough details for all sorts of work. 

The DJI Zenmuse P1 has a 45MP full-frame sensor and it is designed to be carried by the famous DJI M300 RTK drone. As we all know, M300 RTK is the flagship drone from DJI Enterprise and paired with a high quality sensor will always be a wet dream for a surveyor.

Zenmuse P1 can capture high-resolution imagery. It will be needed to build the extremely detailed virtue view for the subject, it can be a building, land and many more. 

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