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M3T vs M30T Comparison

M3T vs M30T Comparison

A about 7 month old drone series with a about 4 month old drones series, Matrice vs Mavic, or rather head to head, toe to toe. Matrice 30T (M30T) and Mavic 3 Thermal (M3T) are built for about the same purpose. And yet, what is the difference ? 

First, let’s briefly go into the specification of each drone. Under fully unfolding size, the M3T is 347.5x 283x 107.7 mm. M30T is 470 x 585 x 215 mm. M30T is larger than M3T in size. For camera Spec, M3T equipped with both ½ CMOS sensor of 12MP tele and 48MP wide camera which allow 56 hybrid zoom, and resolution of 640x512 thermal camera that zoom 28 times. M30T equipped with both ½ CMOs sensor of 48MP tele camera and 12MP wide camera which allow 200 hybrid zoom, and resolution of 640x512 thermal camera that zoom 28 times, plus a range finder of 3m - 1200m. Battery Life of M3T allowed 46 minutes of flying time with a single battery, and M30T allowed 41 minutes of flying time with a pair of batteries and hot swap function. Currently, M30T is also the only drone with IP55 rating for water resistance. 

Next, to check on the result of the data obtained

M3T Thermal

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M30T Thermal

Results of the photo taken by thermal camera show basically the same to each other. It’s not surprising there since both drone thermal cameras are technically the same. And now, to test the tele and wide camera.

M30T Zoom Camera

M3T Zoom Camera

Based on the above photo, the photo doesn't show much difference. But when it starts zooming, a maximum of 200 times the M30T zoom allows the photo to show the condition of the screw, but M3T zoom 56 times is not able to see the screw. 


DJI Matrice 30 Series - M30T – Florida Drone Supply

DJI Mavic 3 Thermal with 1-Year DJI Care CP.EN.00000414.SB B&H

Matrice M30T

Mavic 3T

As can be seen above, the M30T has a bigger hard case than the M3T. However, in terms of what it can pack in, the M3T hard case has a more comprehensive compartment. Both casing allowed bringing up to 6 batteries, but since M3T only uses one battery each operation, the advantage of flying longer belongs to M3T. 

To conclude, M30T has a slight advantage of drone specification compared to M3T other than battery life. However, M3T has the advantage of being cost effective and comprehensive enough to compete with this higher end drone of M30T. Both drones are really good drones and for what it’s cater for. Slight Pro and Con is up to the choice of what the user is looking for. 

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